Who we are

FAUS INTERNATIONAL FLOORING has evolved significantly since its humble beginnings in a small carpentry workshop more than 60 years ago. Our approach has always been a commitment to innovation and sustainability, values that have become fundamental pillars of our business philosophy.

Over the years, we have experienced steady growth thanks to our dedication to excellence and the development of products that meet our customers’ needs. Today, we are an internationally recognized brand in the field of high quality floor and wall coverings and exclusive designs. Our success is largely due to the dedication and tireless effort of our team, as well as our passion for design and innovation, which drives us to keep improving and evolving to offer the best to our customers.

The entire production process is integrated in Real de Gandía (Valencia), covering an area of 90,000 square meters. This is where our team accumulates all the knowledge, experience and unique technologies that characterize our FAUS products, allowing us to create decorative solutions suitable for any home and situation.

Our Commitment to the Environment

FAUS has always maintained a strong commitment to nature and the environment. Therefore, since its inception, it has been part of the PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification International), which promotes sustainable forest management and the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

Both accreditations represent the world’s largest certification system, covering more than 240 million hectares of certified forests, which represents about two-thirds of the certified forest area worldwide.

In addition, the manufacturing process of FAUS products, aimed at improving sustainability in manufacturing, favors the reduction of raw material consumption, promotes waste recycling, minimizes energy consumption in the manufacture of components and, finally, helps to reduce the environmental footprint.  All these factors allow us to proudly state that our floors are 100% environmentally friendly.

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Our Values


The safety and health of our people, contractors and the community comes first.

We make safety a personal responsibility, especially for managers with people in their charge.

Zero accidents and zero injuries is possible. It is our objective and a necessity.


We work hard as a team to get things right the first time.

We recognize that “Zero Defects” is possible and we are working together in that direction.

We offer superior quality products and services. We consider it a key differentiator and essential for our survival.

We supply very high quality products when you need them.


Customers, quality and service are at the core of our work.

We give our all in everything we do. We know there is always a way to do things better. As a team we look for it and try it without fear of being wrong.


FAUS is the people who work there.

The first and unavoidable task of any manager is to serve the people in his team.

We always see the other as a person, never as an instrument.

We do not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, color, or any other reason.

All people are equal.


We build trust among FAUS people, customers, suppliers and the community in general.

We cultivate every relationship with integrity and ethics.

Effectiveness and agility

We know what is expected of us. We are quick and effective in our decisions.

We know our collective and individual objectives.

We work with data and total objectivity.

We analyze data and draw conclusions. We act as a team to improve absolutely everything we do.

We admit the mistake and learn from it for the next one and do not look for culprits as a general rule.

Our experience

During these 70 years we have been present all over the world innovating and developing design trends.
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Values Faus


We are Manufacturers

Committed to the environment

Design creators

We have been thinking of you and for you since 1953.