How to clean laminate flooring


There are many doubts that assail us when we are faced with the question of how to clean laminate flooring.




There are many doubts that assail us when we are confronted with the question of, how to clean laminate flooring. There are a multitude of versions and tips for this, but we wanted to offer you our vision, from the point of view of a professional manufacturer.
Laminate flooring is a product that is easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free, as is the case with wood flooring. It is a non-porous product in its surface, since due to the treatment applied to join all its elements, it is completely waterproofed and has a high surface resistance to wear.
The cleaning of the laminate floor is carried out depending on the type of dirt to be removed, for this we will differentiate between:

Routine / basic cleaning, which is intended to remove surface dust.

In this case, it must be done dry. We have to pass the mop, or in its case the vacuum cleaner, taking into account that the wheels of this one are not dirty of particles or pebbles that can scratch the floor in the zone of turn of the vacuum cleaner, especially if it is a floor of high shine.

Cleaning in which we use water.

On these occasions, the mop should be used wrung out, so that there is no dripping. Under no circumstances use cleaning or soapy products, as this may cause water to penetrate more easily through the joints, causing them to swell. The frequency can be, for example, once every 15 days.
Care must be taken to use clean water, since, if the water used is dirty, these deposits end up accumulating in the joints, blackening them. This is important when the design is clear.
If this occurs, the joints can be restored to their original state by cleaning with a small cloth or brush dampened with alcohol.

Spot cleaning.

For this type of cleaning, the product should only be applied to the affected area. The cleaner we use will depend on the type of stain, but in general, alcohol or acetone can be used for grease stains, ink, waxes, etc., and soapy water for the rest. Then rub the area with a cloth and dry.

Do not use for cleaning stains, elements that can scratch or damage the surface of the laminate floor, such as abrasive scouring pads, the well-known “nanas” or sharp elements.
With all these indications, you are sure to keep your laminate floors clean and in perfect condition for a very long time.

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