Hydraulic mosaics in interior design


Hydraulic mosaics are experiencing an exciting renaissance, adding a distinctive and personalized touch to any space in the home.

Hydraulic mosaics are experiencing an exciting renaissance, adding a distinctive and personalized touch to any space in the home. Nowadays, hydraulic mosaics offer a wide range of possibilities, as they can be adapted to different styles with a wide variety of designs and textures.

Originating in the 19th century, during the modernist movement, hydraulic mosaics were widely used, evolving into increasingly complex and artistic designs. Mainly reserved for the most select areas of bourgeois homes, such as the foyer, living room or dining room, they were often arranged to mimic carpets that spanned the entire room, adding a distinctive and original touch to the décor. Patterns ranged from floral and vegetal motifs to geometric designs, and have undergone a remarkable evolution over time.

Today, these hydraulic motifs are experiencing a renaissance in interior design due to their timeless appeal and the personality they lend to the space they inhabit. They present endless possibilities, allowing for surprising combinations with surrounding neutral colors, as demonstrated by the design “ Vintage Tile “. They can also be used to play with the palette of colors present in the hydraulic mosaics themselves.

FAUS Vintage Tile Laminate Flooring
Vintage Tile Laminate Flooring

The versatility of these elements is palpable when used in spaces with modern, straight-lined furniture, such as the kitchen, where hydraulic mosaics can break with rigidity and add a touch of color for a vibrant and cheerful result. Even on walls, as can be seen in the “Mosaic Tile” model. Mosaic Tile “which combines neutral tones with bright colors on both floors and walls.

FAUS Mosaic Tile Laminate Flooring
Mosaic Tile Laminate Flooring

The harmonious combination with other materials such as wood or concrete does not diminish its prominence, but generates a cozy, elegant and timeless atmosphere. In addition, its use can be extended to delineate areas in the same open space, providing a unique sense of comfort. An impressive example is the “ Traditional Tile “FAUS, which achieves a genuine and powerful visual impact.

FAUS Traditional Tile Laminate Flooring
Traditional Tile Laminate Flooring

All in all, the hydraulic mosaic tile trend is experiencing an exciting resurgence in the design world. The bold mix of patterns, textures and colors opens up new creative possibilities for incorporating mosaics into contemporary design concepts. If you are looking to infuse a retro or vintage touch into your home, standing out from the conventional, don’t hesitate to consider incorporating these distinctive and original hydraulic motifs.

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