Laminate flooring installation

FAUS laminate floors are easy to install thanks to the system that makes the planks fit together with a simple gesture. In addition, its special width makes installation even faster, reducing assembly time, and more efficient, as it reduces the total number of surface joints. In the box you will find the instructions with a step-by-step explanation of the whole process. You can also check the video below or download the installation pdf.

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Installation tools

For a correct installation it is recommended to have the following basic tools:

  • Manual, electric or jigsaw.
  • Tape measure, level, pencil, box cutter and tape.
  • Expansion wedges and special mounting wedges

On the other hand, for the installation of flooring around pipes, underneath door frames, for baseboards and/or moldings you will need:

  • Goat leg, miter drill, screwdriver, electric saw, false square and D3 white glue.

Laminate flooring installation in bathrooms

FAUS laminate floors, thanks to the Xtreme board on which they are manufactured, are fully suitable for installation in kitchens, bathrooms and wet areas. In addition, for areas that receive large spills of water, we have a set of accessories that will allow you to enjoy your floor with full guarantees. If you wish to download the step-by-step instruction sheet, you can do so here.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

At Faus we believe that your free time is the most important thing. That is why we have created a laminate floor that is easy to clean and maintain, highly resistant to stains. For general cleaning, use a damp mop or mop, always well wrung out, and warm water. For small liquid spills, use a cloth. We give you more time for your life and your leisure time. Enjoy it.

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