Installation Wall coverings

FAUS laminate floors are easy to install thanks to the system that makes the planks fit together with a simple gesture. In addition, its special width makes installation even faster, reducing assembly time, and more efficient, as it reduces the total number of surface joints. In the box you will find the instructions with a step-by-step explanation of the whole process. You can also check the video below or download the installation pdf.

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General recommendations

Always install indoors.

Avoid exposing the product to humid areas or too close to heat sources, such as fireplaces, halogens, etc.

Leave the boxes open for a minimum of 48 hours in the room where they are to be installed, so that they can acclimatize to the ambient temperature and humidity.

Do not install on freshly painted walls.

Install on well leveled surfaces.

The panels can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

Wipe with a damp cloth. Do not use abrasive products.

Join the panels to the battens using needles or staples.

Silicones of any kind should not be used for the installation of this product. The recommended products for installation are polyurethane “assembly adhesives”, free of organic solvents.


Vertical installation

Wall installation

Place the battens along the wall in a discontinuous manner, to facilitate aeration, leaving a transversal margin of 40cm. and a longitudinal margin of 1 cm. between one and the other (Figure 1).

Then place the first plank, always starting in the corner and maintaining the minimum distances to the floor, side and ceiling. Remember that securing the square on this first slat is very important. The female should always go to the side where she will continue to place the other strips. Fasten this first plank to the batten with nails and clips or staples both on the left side on the piece and on the right side on the female. It is recommended to remove the plug to facilitate the placement of the complements (Figure 2 and 3).


Join the slats, male and female, and nail or clip the other part of the slat (Figures 3 and 4). If the wall exceeds 10m, place expansion molding (figure 5). Finally, place the complements: skirting, corner, corner piece, cornice…


FAUSDECOR coverings can also be installed at half height.


Ceiling installation

Follow the above steps for wall installation, but in this case the transverse distance between battens should be 30cm. and not 40cm.


Installation in horizontal format

Wall installation

Follow the vertical installation steps, ensuring squareness along the entire first line of installation. That you should place starting from the bottom of the wall (figure 1 and 2).


Join the slats (figure 4), the male with the female, which should always be towards the outside of the installation.


This cladding can also be placed at mid-height both transversely (figure assembly) and vertically.


Ceiling installation

Follow the above steps for wall installation, but in this case the transverse distance of the battens must be 30cm. and not 40cm.


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