Acoustic Harmony and Sophisticated Style


Acoustical panels emerge as a comprehensive solution for those seeking not only outstanding acoustical performance but also sophisticated aesthetics in their environments.




In the constant search for perfection in the ambience of spaces, the choice of quality materials becomes a crucial element. It is in this context that the acoustic slatted panels panels emerge as an integral solution for those seeking not only outstanding acoustic performance but also sophisticated aesthetics in their environments.

High Level Acoustic Performance:

These panels have been meticulously designed to provide exceptional acoustic performance. The key lies in its composition, which combines an advanced acoustic base with veneer-coated MDF strips. This ingenious design not only effectively absorbs sound, reducing reverberation and minimizing unwanted noise, but also contributes to improving the sound quality of any space.

Durability that Lasts:

Exceptional durability is a distinguishing feature of these acoustic panels. Thanks to their materials, they guarantee a long service life and resistance to daily wear and tear. This combination not only adds robustness to the panels but also gives them structural stability that lasts over time.

Complementing Aesthetics:

Beyond their acoustic functionality, these panels also stand out for their elegant aesthetics. The 600 mm width provides a striking visual presence, adding a touch of style to any space. Whether in professional environments, modern homes or creative spaces, these panels integrate harmoniously, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the room.

Design Versatility:

With different finishes and colors, these panels easily adapt to any decorative style, allowing complete customization according to individual preferences.

In short, 600 mm wide slatted acoustic panels offer not only high quality acoustic performance and exceptional durability, but also an aesthetic that completely transforms your environments. The perfect combination of functionality and style, providing a unique experience in the sound and visual optimization of your spaces. Find out how these panels can improve your environment at

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