Protection against spills and moisture is paramount to ensure that the floor maintains its optimum condition when exposed to liquid.
Laminate flooring may suffer some damage due to wear and tear, accidents during use or possible installation errors. Therefore, it is essential to know how we can change a plank to keep our floor in perfect condition.
When installing laminate flooring, there are several options for laying the planks. So that you can choose the way that best suits your home, we show you below different ways of installing laminate flooring.
When we are about to purchase a laminate floor we need to know how to calculate how many square meters of floor we will need for our space.
The installation of laminate flooring over underfloor heating is fully compatible, however, there are a number of aspects that should not be overlooked.
When installing laminate flooring, it is essential to bear in mind that it is a product derived from natural wood and therefore subject to expansion.
Next, we will try to explain in a simple way how to calculate the m2 to install a wall covering or commonly called frieze in any room.

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