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Lifetime warranty for domestic use and 5 years for commercial use – kitchens and bathrooms



1184 x 293.4 x 8mm









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Dimensions1184 × 293,4 × 8 mm


FAUS AQUA-0 technology with water-resistant surface gives FAUS laminate flooring a water resistance of up to 72 hours.
- Thanks to the FAUS Aqua-0 protected surface, FAUS laminate floors with Jointguard® technology guarantee a surface water resistance of 48 hours.
- For designs with Interplank® technology, surface water resistance is 24 hours.
- If you wish to add an additional 24 hours of protection against water, it is mandatory to use in the installation: Clicseal joint sealant applied on the anchoring system (longitudinal and transversal) of each plank and flexible silicone around the entire perimeter of the installation*.


It most faithfully reproduces the texture and visual appearance of real ceramic, stone and wood. Touch the FAUS floor and feel the grain of the wood, the roughness of the stone, the texture of the ceramic on your fingertips.
REALFEEL brings realism and depth to textures, thanks to perfect reproduction and synchrony. Enjoy real sensations with all the advantages of laminate flooring.


Even if all the above protections were not sufficient, the joints formed between the slats are fully protected thanks to JOINTGUARD technology. This technology extends the surface protection of the slat (overlay) also to the edges, avoiding its deterioration due to friction and extending the life of the floor.


This technology, exclusive to FAUS, faithfully reproduces the micro-bevels that form in the planks that make up a slat. It is the concept of "plank within a plank", each plank of FAUS flooring perfectly highlights each of the slats. In this way, the floor presents the appearance of the original product, highlighting each plank or tile.


Thanks to this technology, the design is not interrupted when passing from one slat to another, achieving a genuine and uninterrupted final result. You will always achieve the effect of continuity, regardless of how you install it. This way you don't have to worry about which slats match which ones.

Ultra matt

The innovative Ultra Matt technology gives laminate flooring a surface treatment that distinguishes it from conventional flooring, establishing a new category in the world of decorative products. They are manufactured in intense anti-fingerprint matte that avoids footprints.